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A Nutritional Path to a Healthier Life


Dr. Carolina Castelli-Figley

Medically Fit is a Clinical Health Center that focuses on nutrition as a path to a healthier life for individuals through medical evaluation based on specific needs, wants, and healthcare standards. The Founder of Medically Fit, Dr. Carolina Castelli Figley received her Medical Degree in 2007 after finishing a residency at several medical facilities and hospitals in the Mahoning valley including North Side Hospital in Youngstown Ohio, Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren Ohio as well as St. Joseph Health Center also in Warren, Ohio.  Later Dr. Figley obtained her Masters in Public Health at The Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master of Public Health (CEOMPH) at NEOMED in Rootstown, Ohio.  In 2016 Dr. Figley completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at Youngstown State University. As a member of the The Ohio Public Health Association and a member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietics Dr. Figley decided to open Medically Fit to help serve the members of the Mahoning valley and surrounding communities in the ongoing battle against disease and illness brought on by unhealthy habits and lack of understanding regarding healthy food choices.  For some the old adage you are what you eat' has become an insult or a punchline but for Dr. Figley it is MEDICAL FACT.  It is the hope of Dr. Figley that at Medically Fit you become informed an receive and honest evaluation that you can understand and move forward in life on a Nutritional Path to a Healthier Life!